For the better part of 6 months Aaron Dick and myself have been working on a new project titled “The Hand That Mocked Them and the Heart That Fed”. It started out with me just having some songs that didn’t really fit the band and Aaron offering to help me record rough demos of them. Several of our friends heard that we were working on this and they excitedly and selflessly offered to bring their talents into the songs. It became something that we never could’ve imagined.

It is extremely humbling and encouraging as a writer to have your peers share your excitement for your songs and not only that but also lend their immense talents to the recordings. This started out as a vetting of extremely personal songs for me and ended up being what music is all about in the end: having fun with my friends, creating, and sharing, and falling in love with art again. Please consider getting a perk or donating to this IndieGogo Campaign. We would love for you to be a part of it as well.

Thank you all so much.