After playing around the South Plains as an acoustic act, releasing both an EP and a full-length LP, Ronnie Eaton teamed up with Byron Mason (bass, vocals), Aaron Dick (keyboard, vocals), Terry Moore (drums), and Cash Taylor (guitar) to create Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth.

After releasing his debut album, The Moth Complex, Eaton decided it was time expand his sounds: “I think as a musician, or artist, or creator, your goal should to be to always improve and expand on what you create, and with this band, we are definitely doing that. Playing with these guys not only makes me a better musician, but a better writer as well.”

Ronnie Eaton and the Cold, Hard Truth are currently playing shows in Texas. Their most recent EP, Killer in the Choir, was released in October 2016 through Spectra Records. The band’s full-length album, What If We Are Ghosts, was released independently in February 2015. Albums are available for purchase online and streaming at iTunes, Spotify, and most major online retailers.