From the barren desert of West Texas to the gritty streets of New York City, Ronnie Eaton uses vivid metaphors and heart-tugging melodies to describe his vision of the American experience with his voice and an acoustic guitar. “Ronnie takes the same mature, nuanced approach to his writing that you’d expect from Jason Eady and combines it with the rich, warm, and inviting melodies that you would expect from John Moreland,” said the Musical Divide in a recent review–and that is a perfect description for what you can expect from listening to one of Ronnie’s albums or seeing him perform live.


  1. Another War Ronnie Eaton Buy 3:06
  2. Sleeping in Hell Ronnie Eaton Buy 3:36
  3. We Sang Hallelujah Ronnie Eaton Buy 4:24
  4. Down Wind Ronnie Eaton Buy 2:59
  5. Ache and Longing Ronnie Eaton Buy 3:02
  6. Silver Palace Ronnie Eaton Buy 4:00
  7. Devil in my Suitcase Ronnie Eaton Buy 3:44
  8. Stars in your Eyes Ronnie Eaton Buy 4:47
  9. South Hampton Rain Ronnie Eaton Buy 3:37


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“The album renders the cold brutality of war in an intimate space, Eaton singing through cracks of the narrator’s mental capacity and bearing the weight of re-traumatization and unsuspecting triggers.”

B-sides and Badlands

“Overall this concept album about a solider returning home to darkness and despair makes for an early contender for one of the best albums of the year.”

The Musical Divide

“Eaton would’ve shook everyone’s hand and thanked them for coming regardless of the weather, but you undoubtedly knew he meant it with snow falling outside. He’d have probably even helped you scrape ice off your windows.”










For booking information, email or call (806) 445-4382.

You can also find Ronnie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.